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Welcome to Maverick Speed Motorsports

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Welcome to Maverick Speed Motorsports

Post by Dominic Mako on Wed Sep 14, 2011 4:22 pm

What is Maverick Speed Motorsports?

Maverick Speed Motorsports (MSM) is an international virtual racing team that is always looking to add members of all skill levels interested in growing their racing experience beyond those overly aggressive driving that tend to bash others while online racing.

MSM hosts regular weekly racing events where teammates are welcome to help each other improve their skills and compete in organized races.  In the end, one important thing that can be counted on - regular team activity fostered within a relaxed racing atmosphere that encourages friendly competition.

When possible, activities, such as historic racing with, classic and modern rivalries between makes (BMW vs. Mercedes) and models (Mustang vs. Camaro), as well as stock vehicle series, will regularly take place.

MSM does not have a team car designated, because such a variety of cars and series will be explored across a wide range of classes.  
The team colors are red and purple.  The team leader is Dominic Mako.  The North America co-leader is Retpetty (MSM-NA), and the European co-leader is Minim61 (MSM-EU).  

If you're interested, please register here:

After signing up, contact one of the team leaders here in the forum or on Xbox Live for any questions.
Dominic Mako
Dominic Mako

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