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Live4xTc Paintshop

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Live4xTc Paintshop - Page 3 Empty Re: Live4xTc Paintshop

Post by Guest on Wed May 08, 2013 5:04 pm

Tropicana Competition ended-up yesterday and since i found an easy way to archive my fm4 post here i make a copy here for the record. You'll also find these archives in the car description in the OP. That was my most popular release yet! Very Happy


Live4xTc Paintshop - Page 3 8661811799_0ecc27ee13_z
and I are proud to present you a juicy release! This is my version of a
Tropicana car i had to paint for a competition at my former club
Maverick Speed Motorsport (MSM). This car is a bit special to me cause
i'm more use to do logo than doing Artwork and this orange thing is my
first serious try at this kind of painting. It's still not perfect but
i'm pleased with the result so i though it could be great to share it
with you guys. I've tried to put as more details as possible on it and i
think it look very nice on tracks. Live4xTc Paintshop - Page 3 Emotion-1

Live4xTc Paintshop - Page 3 8653855620_c73c14d75e_z
Live4xTc Paintshop - Page 3 8653855550_321fd5d915_z

make this release even more special i've decided to do a collab with a
new friend of mine. Craviator need no presentation here in the tune
market. He's fast and he know how to tune a car very well. For this
release we decided to offer you something a bit touchy but very
competitive. The build might not suit everyone cause it's now very
lightweight and still on sports tires. Also, the gear ratio is mean to
not drop below the 3rd gear wich is essential for it as well. Knowing
this it's easy to push it and set very good time with it and once it's
launched it keep flying around the track! Live4xTc Paintshop - Page 3 Emotion-5

Live4xTc Paintshop - Page 3 8652754349_cc11abaa97_z
Live4xTc Paintshop - Page 3 8653855798_303bcfb269_z
car will perform mostly on track like Sunset and Sedona but it can also
offer very good times on many other tracks. Here are some time done by
Craviator himself :
Sunset Full Forward: 1.33.213 #56
Sunset Full Reverse: `1.33.402 #54
Sedona Full Forward: 2.19.998 #28
Sedona Full Reverse: 2.20.688 #32
Road Atlanta - 1.26.119 #98
Indianapolis: 1.28.923 #98
hockenheim 1.48.711 #393

Live4xTc Paintshop - Page 3 8652754001_8d60565328_z
Live4xTc Paintshop - Page 3 8652754079_429348a1aa_z
Also i'd like to thank Beany Bob for his awesome photoshoot on this car. You can have a look at his work on this thread :
Paint & Tune : 5K in my Storefront or simply search for AART Tropicana

I hope you guys like this car as we do and we want to thank you all for your supports.
There is a Hotlap and Photocomp that will follow and as always plz feel free to leave a feedback here.


!!!! Competition Winners !!!!
Ok guys! Now it's time to announce the winners but before i have a thanks list :
to everyone who showed up here
and downloaded this car. With 90 reply
and around 4500 views i think this one is a success!
-Thanks to everyone who participate in the competitions

-Thanks to Craviator for his incredible work on tuning that car
-Thanks to Beany Bob for the pictures
-Thanks to Teewiggs and Deadlights Kustoms for the money
-Thanks to the team and the fans for the supports!

Hotlaps winners!
o SuperMuZz o : 1.32.713 #15 10M + LE
MSNNINJA : 1:32.730 #17 7M + LE
F4H Diablo : 1:33.105 #30 5M + LE
oio James oio : 1:33.534 #72 4M + LE
RTM TomTom : 1:33.781 #114 3M + LE
The Bulin Wall5 : 1:33.821 #124 LE
BubbaDaButcher : 1:34.195 #213 LE
Operator1 : 1:34.723 #397 LE
V12 Coops : 1:34.965 #515 (Since you won in the picture comp i give your LE to #11)
whatcubed3 : 1:35.377 #785 LE
#11 - CraftyBUDMAN : 1:35.579 #940 LE

Parked Pictures
Live4xTc Paintshop - Page 3 8676317942_1c1b165bcd_z
Squirrel Jetz 5M + LE
EMW Holty 4M + LE
swtluu21 3M + LE
V12 coops 2M + LE
texaspotatoelord 1M + LE

Action Pictures
Live4xTc Paintshop - Page 3 8716732434_dd45f0201b_z
swtluu21 5M + LE
v12 Coops 4M + LE
AnTHoNy C4Rm1nE 3M + LE
Suspect Throne 2M + LE
Squirrel Jetz 1M + LE

Congratulation to all the winners!
To claim your prize, put a car on auction for the amount of money you won + 500K.
I'll buy it and then i'll put your LE on auction for 500K. Post
something here to tell me when your car is up or send me a private
message. I'll check this thread on a regular basis.
Thanks again guys for your support! Live4xTc Paintshop - Page 3 Emotion-1Live4xTc Paintshop - Page 3 Emotion-21

Limited Edition (Bonus) photos by Squirrel Jetz

Live4xTc Paintshop - Page 3 8719992655_f811377336_z
Live4xTc Paintshop - Page 3 8721116082_bbb284626f_z
I have also made a spot the difference photo for everyone to have a go at:
Live4xTc Paintshop - Page 3 8676317942_1c1b165bcd_z
Live4xTc Paintshop - Page 3 8719992643_cf1f1567b4_z

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Live4xTc Paintshop - Page 3 Empty Re: Live4xTc Paintshop

Post by Guest on Fri May 10, 2013 7:21 am

Couldnt sleep last night so i painted a bit! Smile
This is just a wip btw

Live4xTc Paintshop - Page 3 112

Live4xTc Paintshop - Page 3 212

I use the same logo as round 4 cause i have "unfinished business" with

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