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Torettos Auto Salvage Dodge Challenger

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Torettos Auto Salvage Dodge Challenger

Post by RetPetty on Thu Dec 22, 2011 5:34 pm

Its 7am on a sunday morning and i get the call, it`s Dominic Toretto.
He has a job and his not the kinda person you refuse. He needs 2 drivers, in the MSM Trans Am series. Tough crowd but he thinks the combination of a vet and a rookie will get the crowds watching.

I agree.

Its a few hours before his transporters arrive at the garage. Teams prepped ready to go. The dirty trucks elude an air of hard work and plenty of elbow grease. The tail drops and his guys roll out to highly polished black 70 dodge challengers.
The gleaming white strips make your eyes squint in the Sierra Nevada sunlight.

He already knew id agree to this before he called.

The livery is simple yet effective, you know they mean business with such an understated paint. The talking will be done on the track.

And then they start them up, and even god himself smirks with a hint of menace.
This is how Toretto likes to talk, in Horsepower and torque.

Even on a crowded track, these cars will stand out

The prep team begin by getting my normal tune down. Stiff front end, plenty of aero.
We know with all that power the back will be angry so we decide on a very soft rear, springs, sway bars and even lowering the rear dampers more than usual.

Heading to the test track for laps we can sense this car has more potential than we dare to exploit. Its a learning curve, like swimming with sharks, we wanna see how ferocious they are, but you dare not swim right up to them to begin with.

Tire wear is good and they heating up evenly. Takes a few laps to get them up to temp but we like having a cautious first few laps, test the water so to speak. Later on we can drop the hammer and let the hounds of hell cheer us on.

Toretto just smirks as always at the news. He built the cars himself, he knows they fast n furious.

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Re: Torettos Auto Salvage Dodge Challenger

Post by SnippetyOggy86 on Thu Dec 22, 2011 6:20 pm

Good read Ret,

Makes you want to read on as the excitement builds up throughout.Fitting aswell, seeing its the car that took the championship.

Again well done.


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Re: Torettos Auto Salvage Dodge Challenger

Post by Guest on Thu Dec 22, 2011 6:33 pm

yes good job ret a must for all future winners .


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Re: Torettos Auto Salvage Dodge Challenger

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