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ADAC GT Masters

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What should be the 5th Track in the ADAC GT Masters

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Re: ADAC GT Masters

Post by RetPetty on Sun Nov 25, 2012 11:59 pm

congrats to afroduck on a great win, i tried my best not to make it easy for him but i think id have needed another hour or racing to catch him up hehe

his car looked great outta the corners and overall really - great livery on it Smile

hats off to bobbo for a great series and some top notch racing. looking forward to another series maybe next year. roll on '13

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Re: ADAC GT Masters

Post by I Am Afroduck on Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:18 am

It's a shame I couldn't make it to more races, such has been my situation at work. But I enjoyed today's race albeit there weren't many entries.

I can only think of what could have been, the car felt awesome to drive other than a few hiccups. I've nailed the balance and the gearing setup was spot on for Suzuka, I had a speed advantage on pretty much everyone I think. I think I passed everyone at the end of that long straight on the second half of the lap.

Chufted with the win anyway. Hopefully this will be a catalyst for some better results in official MSM races.

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I Am Afroduck

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Re: ADAC GT Masters

Post by CallMehDarkside on Mon Nov 26, 2012 1:35 am

Suzuka results:

6.The Almond Guy

Final point Standings:
1. SnippetyOggy:100
2. RetPetty:69
3. RippednTorn:58
4. Hugo:55
5. Bobbo:51
5. BadBoy:51
7. Skismo: 31
8. Afroduck:25
9. Almond: 14
10. Express: 8
11. Vampira: 6
12. Taco: 4
13. Bubba: 2

Constructors Standings:
1. McLaren: 155
2. Porsche: 82
3. Corvette: 72
4. Ferrari: 55
5. Ford: 55
6. Mercedes: 31
7. Viper: 16

Thanks to EVERYONE who helped make this series such a success. I still can't believe that 7 points seperated 4 drivers. Just shows how close this racing really was..and it was only 11 points from 2nd to 3rd...then 31 from 2nd to 1st. LOL, anyway, congrats to all for this amazing series. Congrats to snip for a victory, congrats to McLaren for the constructors title.

(expect these cars back in 2013)

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Re: ADAC GT Masters

Post by Plagued Almond on Mon Nov 26, 2012 11:51 am

And (hopefully) bobbo on FM5 Wink
Plagued Almond

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Re: ADAC GT Masters

Post by RippednTorn on Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:15 pm

Thanks for that series Bobbo, I really enjoyed it. You did a good job of getting the cars evenly matched.

Pity about the connection issue towards the end. I've never had a race where everyone suddenly disappeared and I was the only one left on the track.

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Re: ADAC GT Masters

Post by Sponsored content

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